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What is Tuto.com and why you should use our Digital Learning platform ?

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Welcome on tuto.com!

My passion for computers started as a kid, when my dad brought an Amiga 2000 at home. Since that day, the virus never really left me. 30 years later, Tuto.com was born. Today it is one of the most important french marketplaces dedicated to digital learning.  

Our vision is quite simple: connect passionate instructors with people who want to acquire new digital skills by learning on video

At Tuto.com, we do not produce content. We connect talented instructors with students.  When you buy a course on Tuto.com, 50 to 90% of the sale goes to instructors. We believe in responsible and equitable collaborative business model.  

You'll be able to learn online, or by using our free apps (iOS, Android, Desktop Windows & Mac).

Today, we are a team of 8, who care for our clients, instructors, the quality of content and of the user experience.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question or suggestion.
Enjoy your learning! :)

Nicolas Chaunu


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